Папаша Мюллер (papasha_mueller) wrote,
Папаша Мюллер

"Моя обама." (с)

"my Obama
God knows, I did not vote for him; but I do not share the common mood of criticizing him increasingly. On the contrary, I feel like he is a pretty nice sincere guy, strong and smart. I 100% share his view regarding that "professor" incident. I feel insulted by the racist idiots Russian ministers not shaking his hand. And I feel for him how he is getting visibly older every week. Life is hard. If you saw "Stardust", remember a witch there, played by Michelle Pfeiffer."

- Просится любить и жаловать очередной сетевой мудачок Иван Ганди.
И почему-то я чувствую себя удовлетворенным тем, что он живет там, а не здесь.
Хотя Машку Пфайффер и немного жаль.
Ну не получилось у нас с ней.
"Не шмогла." (с)
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