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IZOворачиваемся ?


Hey, papasha!

Russian top-blogger papasha_mueller takes me to task for a post last week (IZO) dealing with the Western powers' attempts to influence the russian-language blogosphere (papasha_mueller). 

He thinks that my last sentence, which states that the Russians are pursuing a similar strategy, transforms the whole post into anti-Russian propaganda. Well, I don't think that a reasonable person would agree: plainly, Western activities are the main focus of the post.  

papasha further asks for evidence to support my statement that "There is plenty of evidence that Russia has been waging this kind of propaganda war for some time." Well, for example, here's an article which discusses the creation by Russia of "a network of friendly bloggers ready to disseminate propaganda on demand" (WP).

In fact, it's not clear to me why my assertion that Russia is using the same propaganda tactics as Western powers should be viewed as anti-Russian. If I were Russian, wouldn't I want my government to be doing this sort of thing?

Hiya, Matt, laddie,
sorry to keep tou waiting - was pretty busy over the pond.
Nice to hear from your county again.

In fact, you're quite right to say that Western activities were the main focus of your post in question. What escapes me is exactly why should you want to add the final line, accusing Russia of it's propaganda at the bottom of it.
What is even more confusing is that in effort to provide the requested "evidence' in your second post you turned back to an article of Washpost (which I personally wouldm't do anyway), which is about a year and a half old and, in turn, is based on another article of 2004.

If this is the 'evidence' I'm longing for, then I'm Mother Teresa. 
Say, is there something little bit freshy and mmm...m more trustworthy available around to support your view ?

I suggest you ask your Russian girlfriend - or housecleaner - whoever does the translation for you to have a llok at:
which altogether deliver the history of your reference.

Hope you excuse my pedantism,
Regards, hugs and kisses,


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