Папаша Мюллер (papasha_mueller) wrote,
Папаша Мюллер

"Blyadi, Sir !" (c)

@The US State Department has threatened to impose sanctions against the Ukraine in response to the continued use of violence against protesters.
Spokeswoman Marie Harf said the US would continue to call upon Yanukovych "to protect the democratic rights of all Ukrainians, including the rights of peaceful protest".@
January 2014

@"the Ukrainian government has to respond to assert a return to order and protect its citizens," White House spokesman Jay Carney said.
Carney agreed the United States sees the moves as appropriate and even necessary within Ukraine, adding more than once that U.S. officials "urge the Ukrainian government to move forward gradually, cautiously."
The White House stopped short of agreeing with those who view Ukraine as being on the brink of civil war, while also calling militant takeovers of government buildings volatile and dangerous.@
May 2014

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