February 27th, 2009

Это Пеар. "Дарвину на заметку".

Богдан — перша свiдома людина (справжнє ім'я - Василь Середенко)
Богдан — перша свiдома людина
"В ніч на шостий день сотворив Бог першу людину, і назвав він її Богданом. Богдан огледів сотворений світ, порівняв з садом Едемським та й утік з раю, бо був дуже свободолюбивим і не хотів жити в Едемському зоопарку. Для життя він обрав собі найкрасивіше місце на землі — Карпатські гори і сказав "Моя хата скраю!".

Образився на це Господь і перетворив Богдана на неандертальця і сказав "Азм еси ти у края жити, то всея твоя нащадки зватимуться українцями! А я собі сотворю нову расу!". І сотворив він Адама."


Вот такой интересный ресурс, оказывается, существует : http://inciklopedia.org/wiki/

"Ось такая вот хуйня, малята." (с). Нарыто геноссе roman_n.

The political system in which secret police plays an important role in the political system is not very special. VChK-OGPU-NKVD-MGB-KGB in the Communist USSR, Gestapo in Nazi Germany, SAVAK in the Shah’s Iran had enormous powers in those tyrannical regimes. Yet, none of those secret police organizations did possess supreme power in the respective countries. In all previous historic cases secret police and its leaders have been subordinate to their political masters – whether they were Stalin, Hitler, or Pehlevi, regardless how monstrous they have been.

Since 2004 the Russian political regime embarked on a series of wars of different kinds against foreign nations. The list of wars waged in the last 5 years is not a short one:
Russian-Byelorussian Gas War 2004,
First Russian-Ukrainian Gas War, January 2006,
Russian-Georgian Energy Supply War, January 2006,
Russian-Georgian Wine and Mineral Water War, March-April 2006,
Russian-Georgian Spy War, September-October 2006,
Russian-Estonian Monuments and Cyber War, April-May 2007,
Russian-Georgian Conventional War, April-October 2008,
Russian-Azerbaijan Cyber War, August 2008,
Second Russian-Ukrainian Gas War, January 2009,
Anti-US full fledged Propaganda War, 2006-2009.
The Russian-Georgian War that started last year was under preparations by the Russian authorities at least since February 2003. This is one of the most serious international crises for at least last 30 years that constitutes one of the most worrisome developments of our days. This war has brought:
a) The first massive use of the military forces by Russia beyond its borders since the Soviet Union’s intervention against Afghanistan in 1978;
b) The first intervention against an independent country in Europe since the Soviet Union’s intervention against Czechoslovakia in 1968;
c) The first intervention against an independent country in Europe that led to unilateral changes of the internationally recognized borders in Europe since the late 1930s and early 1940s. Particular similarities of these events with the events of the 1930s are especially troubling.

The very term for such type of policy has not been chosen by me, it is borrowed from the title of this hearing, namely, collaboration. Therefore the term chosen for the agents of the US administration’s policy in the coming era is “collaborationists”.
Collaboration between two governments today could be only on the Russian regime’s terms and for fulfillment of the Russian government’s goals. From the European history of the XX century we know what means if a revisionist power has a clear-cut goal to restore influence and control over its neighbors while other powers chose not to defend
victims of the attacks, but instead try to collaborate with an aggressor.
We know the consequences of the collaborationist policy – those who retreat and surrender will get not peace, but war, war with unpredictable and nasty results. It might be also not a one war.
When the world will get there, we need to remember that we had a warning.

Thank you.

О безродном космополитизме

"Вот я, например, живу не только в России. Я живу еще и в мире. На планете Земля. Она у нас одна и общая."
- откровенничает наш червячок Милов.

Теперь становится понятней сакраментальное "интегрирован в мировую элиту" (с)
Хотя, по некоторым косвенным признакам, он к нам с Луны свалился.
Или заброшен.
С секретной миссией парализации демдвижухи.

При попытке прокомментировать - обнаружил, что у этого мудака я превентивно забанен.
Вот как вот стыкуется защита свободы слова в чужих параламентах с запретом на свободу высказываний в собственном ЖЖ у этого лунатика - хрен его знает.
Все от избытка элитарной интегрированности, наверное.