Папаша Мюллер (papasha_mueller) wrote,
Папаша Мюллер

Президенту на заметку, тьфу, в Твиттер.

"Итак, что думают ньюёркцы про весь этот ливийский джаз:

The Pentagon says no matter how Operation Odyssey Dawn turns out, "we already have a great name for the XBox version."

"Operation Odyssey Dawn?" Is it possible to conduct a military operation without giving it a title like a Tom Clancy novel?

I just googled Operation Odyssey Dawn and it was a 1989 straight-to-video movie with Jean-Claude Van Damme.

Operation Odyssey Dawn would be a lot cheaper and end faster if we blasted the Libyans with Rebecca Black instead of Tomahawk missiles.

48 Libyan civilians lost their lives in the Saturday strikes on #Libya, making them the first casualties of Operation Odyssey Dawn.

Obama makes History! 1st Nobel Peace Prize Winner to Bomb another Country…EVER! Operation Odyssey Dawn

At least the UN gave the strikes on Libya a cool name... Operation Odyssey Dawn... really? At least we know there will be a new Call of Duty"

Исследовал и наблюл камрад antonvv

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